I  use statistics, math, and a proven algorithm to make money betting on baseball games. 

That’s it.  Period.

Most people lose money betting on baseball games because the house usually wins and they are betting using the wrong rationale for their bets.

And here’s why that is good for you:

 I don’t.

I don’t use the wrong rationale.  I don’t bet against the house.  I don’t lose money because I follow my proven system.

If you came here looking to be blown away with the web’s latest and greatest marketing, you’re in the wrong place and I don’t blame you for leaving now.

Good luck to you this year.  I hope you’re a winner.

But if you’re still here…

Who am I?

Well, that’s complicated.  Let’s just put it this way:

I’m a math geek and spreadsheet savant.   

And that is good for you.  Most people can’t do what I do.

I’m also a baseball fan with special attention given to the parts of the game the average fan misses.  The failed, or successful, moving over of a runner.  The productive out.  The starter pitch count ( or the opener, to which the game is now transitioning ).

I see the game differently than the average fan. 

I’ve always been that way.

And how I use the math and spreadsheet is simple….at least to me.

I simply exploit mistakes the betting public makes. 

You see, I am the son of a Las Vegas casino dealer.

I know I can’t beat the house. 

I don’t even try. 

What I do try to do ( and I do ) though is beat the betting public. Which unless you use my picks has before now potentially included YOU!

Based on a very specific set of inputs, my algorithmic model outputs the winning percentage for every team, in every game, once provided with an announced lineup.

And once my model determines Team A’s chance of beating Team B,  the model simply compares the price the book is asking for the bet to the model’s prediction and makes a determination as to whether a bet for either team has a positive expectation.  And by the way, the price the book is asking ( the line ) is moved constantly by the action of the betting public’s bets.  Everyone has a system right?  Even though those guys betting on the better ERA.  Those guys crack me up.  It’s not that ERA isn’t important, it’s just a single input into a very complex set of inputs that determine who wins, who loses, assuming luck isn’t in play.  And usually, luck isn’t in play.

If the model determines that a bet on a given team at a given price is profitable long term, that’s a go. 

If not, I’m a spectator.

Isn’t that simple?

How did this start for me?

In the winter of 2013, I picked up a book that would later become the foundation upon which I built my own model.  The book is called Trading Bases, by Joe Peta, and it is a must-read for anyone who wants to bet on baseball.  Peta created a model that picked winners and he applied a wall-street investment approach to the model similar to what he had done in his wall street job.

His approach was both simple and complex. He applied an investment approach similar to that which he used on Wall Street,  and that model picked winners. I am grateful for Joe Peta’s gift of writing, stats, baseball, and money. Without him, I never would have traveled down this incredible rabbit hole that led me to create my own model- a model that has outperformed Peta’s model every consecutive year since.

Peta’s model had a major base component that I came to believe could be improved.  I discovered this halfway through the 2014 season and once I changed this component in my own model, my results grew even greater than what Peta had reported for his model.

At first, by changing this one simple factor, I thought that I had found a way to improve Peta’s original model. However, after seeing my own results, I realized that I had created an entirely new beast of my own. (Peta reported in his book a return of 30% in his first season; I returned 77% that first year)

Ever since that first season, the more I learned, the more I adjusted and the better my model performed. My model became simpler to construct, and once it became reliably profitable, I began to share my outputs.  Now, my family and friends use my betting model and they too have experienced the same stellar results.

Every model change is backtested before I implement the change permanently.   This way, I can confidently provide my loved ones with the best bets without a limit on financial risk.

I don’t fear my family and friends risking their money on my work because it’s backed up with years of successful results.

So far, I have not let them down. I know I can share with you, those same results.

Slow and Steady wins the race, right?  

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to get winning sports picks for baseball out there.

Well, I can’t give you the secret sauce as to how I pick the most profitable play, but I am willing to show my results.  Heck, I’ll give them away for the entire first half of the year.

Plus, if you pay close attention, I will be providing some hints.

And I can give you some hints as to how I do it if you pay close attention but I won’t be flagrant about it.  If you care about the how, you’ll just have to pay closer attention.

And if you’re ambitious enough to put in the work I have to build a model that has for five years delivered greater and greater results each season, by all, means do it.

But if that’s just a little more work than you have the time to invest in, well then my picks are definitely worth the cost at twice the price. 

And my price is cheap for even the smallest gambler.

How much cheaper is FREE?

I have spent about 200 hours per season building and almost perfecting this model.  It just wins money season after season after season.

What my system won’t do is make you rich overnight.  You’re piggybacking off my efforts and it’s not my goal to throw it all away on one game.

I’m just not built that way.

In fact, since I have multiple seasons of data now, I’ve made it even better for 2019.

I’ve just finished back testing an even better betting algorithm this offseason and with three very minor tweaks, the model is projected to return more than 350% this season if all of our picks are played exactly like we detail here.

On the site’s pages, you’ll see the basics of our model’s engine but what sets this apart from all other similar models is the secret sauce that I won’t share and I won’t give away and I won’t sell.

But I will sell you the picks at some point but for now until I build your trust, the picks are


That I have no problem with.

That’s right… these picks are free for the first half of the season.

Password access granted when you sign up.

The price is right, the method is sound, and the results will speak for themselves.

Good luck with the season.


To get ALL of the picks for the first half of the season FOR FREE!, complete CLICK HERE!

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