Let’s say that I pick the RIGHT underdog about only 49% of the time ( I do better than that ).

At +127 odds and $100 bets, if I bet 100 games I’ll bet $10,000.  If I win 49% of my bets, I win 49 times and lose 51 times.  The math works out to:

WIN 49 times x $127 = $6223

LOSE 51 times x $100 = $5100

NET PROFIT = $1123

$10,000 wagered plus $1123 profit equals an 11% return.  But that’s also if you don’t continue to increase the bet based on the bankroll…which I do.

That’s why my returns are so high.

I am only EXPECTING to increase my starting day’s bankroll by 1%  and then the power of compounding does the following to a 1% per day increase by the end of the season:

$1 becomes $6

$1,000 becomes $6,000

$10,000 becomes $60,000.

Published by Abe Pecota

Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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