2018 Season Results

The power of the compounding bankroll ( which changes the amount of the bet ) combined with hitting the RIGHT dogs at the right times results in the reality that I don’t have to win every game to win overall.

How to pick the dogs is the secret to my success and I just incorporated a very small but important tweak for 2019 that I back-tested for 2018 and it would have made a considerable difference.

623-436 on Model Favorites +208% bankroll growth (59%)

161-226 on Model UnderDogs +191% bankroll growth (42%)

One thing that should you take note of is that a lot of handicappers tout incredible growth of “units”.  What is a unit can be, and oftentimes is, very subjective.

In fact, I can’t even properly define a unit in my own system.  What I can absolutely define is the growth of my bankroll based on wins and losses.

The bankroll growth show above is from my 2018 season.

I compound my bankroll DAILY so a 1 unit bet on day 1 of the season is likely NOT the same amount as on day 5 or day 50 or day 100.

BUT, what can be definitely said about the entirety of my system is that it grows a bankroll.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss SUPER DOGS.

Published by Abe Pecota

Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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