I imagine that the first thing a bettor might think when he sees the term Super UnderDog is a pick of a team that has really high odds and a huge payout.  That’s understandable, but incorrect.

For purposes of my system, a Super UnderDog is almost quite the opposite.  In fact, a Super UnderDog is technically a favorite.

Please allow me to explain.

By submitting several inputs of statistical data into my system, the output is the percentage chance each team has of winning that game.  There are instances where my system projects the favorite to be Team A but the sports book’s line shows that Team A is the underdog.  This is what I term a Super Underdog.

In 2018, there were 206 instances where my system identified a team that should have been the favorite and the book paid off as if that team was the underdogdog.  Of those 206 instances, I won 115 times or 56% of the time for a whopping +163% or, based on the bankroll balance at the season’s start, +161 units.

I like to increase the bet in these instances because the payoff is PLUS money and the percentage chance I win is so high.  You should like to do that as well.

Published by Abe Pecota

Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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