The suicide squeeze play in baseball is a play with TRUST as the basis in its success.

As the pitcher commits to delivering the pitch to the batter, the runner from third breaks towards home full speed. If the batter takes a full swing and makes contact, a hit ball might hit the runner making him out or knocking him out. If the batter takes a full swing and misses the pitched ball, the batter might hit the runner with his bat. The runner from third TRUSTS that the batter has the sign from the coach and intends to bunt the ball so that there is no time for a play on the runner from third and the run will score.

I am not going to ask the follower’s of my SteadyPlus system to TRUST me. They don’t know me or my motivations or my track record. I can say anything on the internet. A lot of people TRUST EVERYTHING on the internet…unfortunately.

My plan is to earn the TRUST of my followers. How I’ll do this is by giving my picks to ANYONE that follows me for FREE.

Follow my system with me, make the picks I make with me. See if your bankroll grows as mine does.

Perhaps you can set aside a small amount to commit to following the system to see if it performs as I’ve said it should. Should I be right, you will have made money in the process of learning that I am a handicapper you can TRUST.

If you take that approach, you really only have something to gain and very little to lose. And maybe, along the way, I’ll have gained your TRUST.

Published by Abe Pecota

Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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