If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re sure to get there.

Winners plan.

What is your plan?

Are you planning on doing the same thing that did NOT get you closer to where you want to be? If so, what are you doing to change it? Don’t do NOTHING again.

Try this, instead:

  1. Separate just 5% of your bankroll from the other 95%.
  2. Join the others ready for success in 2019 and sign up for our free first half of 2019 MLB picks.
  3. As you grade each pick during the season, keep track of how this 5% does compared to the 95% you’re betting with yours or other plans.
  4. At the all-star break, consider the long term. Which plan has a better chance of accomplioshing your reasonable goals by season end?


Published by Abe Pecota

Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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