Today every team plays.

Rosters are due at noon ET.

Once rosters are released, line-ups for each team should follow with each team typically releasing their lineup about 2 hours before its game.

To get any sort of idea what chances a team has of winning,  you need to know who’s playing ( and where ) and who’s available.

We know the starting pitchers have been announced for each team.

We know who isn’t hurt.

We don’t know where the managers intend to bat them in the lineup.  Is this important? Yes.  There are roughly 120 fewer plate appearances during the season for the ninth batter as compared to the leadoff batter.

It might seem insignificant but every small advantage added to another seemingly small advantage and pretty soon, you have an extremely quantifiable advantage in the prediction.  It’s a slight edge, but it’s an edge.

Welcome to the SteadyPlus approach to seemingly insignificant ( because it’s not ).

Welcome to the 2019 MLB season.

Free picks for the ALL of the first half of 2019.


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