April sucked in so many ways.

We had a pool installed in the fall last year but the hardscape contractor couldn’t work when it’s wet.  So all winter, my brand new pool sat in a sea of dirt/mud.  Then Spring came around and we finally got back on the schedule.  But then Noah’s rains hit my area and it was AGAIN too wet to do any real work out.  APRIL.

Sheesh.  This crew moves slower than watching paint dry.  After 10 days of on again/off again working, this is how much has been worked on.fullsizeoutput_1723

I’ll admit.  It’s not nothing but man, they have like 10 pallets of pavers still to set.  Maybe by the Fourth of July?

My model took a huge hit in April.  I’ve documented every day’s bets.  Most days were bad.  This is the challenge/risk using projected stats from stat geeks.

BUT…….Baseball Prospectus DRA hit today just in time to get back on the horse.  Real-time pitching stats. updated daily.  Looking forward to getting back what I lost and heading towards a profitable year.

NOTE:  I have had profitable Aprils BUT it’s very inconsistent.  Will NOT be betting ANYTHING until the DRA stats are released next season.

Good luck to you all.

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Las Vegas Sports Better & professional Handicapper

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