April Sucked

April sucked in so many ways. We had a pool installed in the fall last year but the hardscape contractor couldn’t work when it’s wet.  So all winter, my brand new pool sat in a sea of dirt/mud.  Then Spring came around and we finally got back on the schedule.  But then Noah’s rains hit […]

Baseball in April #dodgers #redsox #mlb

Baseball can be very tough to handicap in April.  Teams are just not completely in the form that they will be by the end of the season.  Projections are tough because until there are some real stats from which to base a player’s performance, everything is a really educated guess.  Those of us that rely […]

Game Day – Rosters due at Noon ET

Today every team plays. Rosters are due at noon ET. Once rosters are released, line-ups for each team should follow with each team typically releasing their lineup about 2 hours before its game. To get any sort of idea what chances a team has of winning,  you need to know who’s playing ( and where ) […]

#Ichiro to start for #Mariners in Japan

The Mariners manager says that Suzuki will start in the games in Japan although he does not state how long he’ll play. Ichiro figures to contribute NEGATIVE W.A.R. to the Mariner’s overall numbers this year. Based on current projections, subject to change, the M’s will probably be a +125 underdog in the first game.

The Hidden Pitfalls of “Sure Things”

In April of 2018, the 2017 World Champion Astros and their ace pitcher, Justin Verlander, hosted the Texas Rangers on Sunday Night Baseball.  The Astros were heavy favorites with the odds for the Stros at -300.  This was partly because the Rangers, who would finish with 95 losses that season, threw 44-year old Bartolo Colon.  […]